Job Description

The English Playgroup Educational Company (EPG) is seeking qualified and enthusiastic class teachers to join our academic team.

We have career opportunities in our Primary Schools and Early Years Nurseries for Class teachers, English, Maths and Arabic Teachers for next academic year and are currently interviewing for these posts.

EPG is looking for teachers to join our academic team who can:

  • Plan and implement a rich and stimulating learning environment;
  • Monitor and assess students’ progress through the delivery of KS1 & KS2 National Curriculum of England and Wales;
  • Utilise effective classroom management to ensure the safe welfare of their students is maintained within a positive and purposeful atmosphere.
  • Play a role in supporting our School to continue to work to British Standards.

What does EPG offer students and teachers?

EPG is a successful and fast growing education provider which currently consists of 17 Early Years Nurseries and two Primary Schools. Our objective is to provide quality English education at affordable prices to a large and growing number of families in Kuwait. We are responsible for the care and education of approximately 6000 students.

Children at our Early Years nurseries and schools are predominantly ESL students from local Kuwaiti and other Arab families. Working in our schools offers our teachers a privileged insight into Arabic culture. Our mission is to ensure that all our children are given the opportunity to ‘be the best they can be’. Our bilingual programme teaches fluency in English and Arabic and we use the English National Curriculum as our foundation to deliver the best of Early Years and Primary education.

Our Early Years nurseries and schools are located on independent sites across Kuwait to meet the needs of the families we serve. Each campus is equipped with art, library, P.E and music facilities and has a well-equipped play area which has been adapted for use all year round in recognition of the hot summer months.

Our Commitment to Teachers

We are committed to the continued professional development of our teaching staff. We run a formal in-house CPD programme delivered through regular workshops across a wide range of pedagogical topics which are identified through performance evaluation and requirements put forward by teachers themselves.

We introduced a new performance management system in 2014-2015 to support the continuous development of our teachers and improvement in the quality of teaching and learning we offer to our children. We believe our teachers are entitled to investment in their performance and development. We use our performance management system as the basis for salary review and career progression at EPG to ensure that commitment, high quality teaching and potential is recognised, developed and rewarded.

EPG can offer teachers, who demonstrate commitment and strong performance, long term career prospects. We promote from within. As a continuously expanding educational company, we offer opportunities for promotion to staff with the skills and experience to take up academic management and supervisory positions.

COBIS Membership

The Primary Schools are accredited members of COBIS. Our teachers played an important role in getting our schools ready for the inspection which took place in May 2016.  We have now entered a new phase in our development of teachers, by establishing an NQT programme.

EPG provides a competitive package which allows our teachers a comfortable standard of living and the opportunity to save money.

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