Job Description

To perform administrative functions and act as a liaison between the office and outside agencies ensuring the smooth functioning of administration activities.


1. To prepare all forms of communications to provide information to supervisors, peers, subordinates and to communicate with other Departments.

2. To document/ record information, maintain files, process all paper work, and to perform day to day administrative tasks

3. To develop and maintain constructive and cooperative working relationships with other departments and agencies.

4. To ensure events, processes and all relevant documents comply with Company procedures, policies, regulations & standards.

5. To schedule and confirm appointments for the personnel of the departments.

6. To coordinate with others to receive or submit regular reports / forms in time.

7. To order, dispense and maintain supplies required for regular administration works.

8. To arrange, coordinate meetings / Conferences as required.


• Communication Skills
• Well versed in English Language
• Interpersonal Skills
• Computer Skills
• 1 to 3 Years of Work Experience in any Administrative kind of job.

• Knowledge of Company Procedures
• A Formal Qualification in Typing
• Customer service
• Clerical & Administrative Procedures & Systems

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