Job Description

• To successfully lead and supervise all the various activities required to deliver both the main Contract and Client’s Contract from Initiation to Closeout.
• Demonstrates strong ability to observe and act accordingly to all QSE requirements as defined under Client policies and procedure sunder the Integrated Management System.
• Demonstrates strong ability to ensure the scope of both the main Contract and Client’s Contract are fully realised and that the key stakeholder expectations are identified, understood and communicated to the project team to be appropriately managed to improve stakeholder satisfaction.
• Demonstrates strong ability to review, monitor and report the Construction Progress and shall make recommendations to the Client and the Contractor to mitigate any risks or issues that may arise.
• Demonstrates strong ability to Implement procedures and manage a team to suitably review quality assurance submittals and shall monitor and inspect the Contractors works to ensure that the whole of the works is in accordance with the Contract Documents and as per local standards and regulations and international best practice.
• Demonstrates strong ability to ensure a team ethos is established to deliver Client’s services with the integrity, professionalism and ethical practices stipulated under Client’s policies.
• Demonstrates strong ability in robust evaluation and recommendation for Substantial Completion and Handing Over of the Works in accordance with the Project and Contract requirements. This is to include handing over of all relevant reports, documents, certificates and lessons learned for both the main contract and Client’s contract with particular emphasis on Client’s internal requirements towards capturing lessons learned and concluding the Defects Liability Period obligations.
• Demonstrates strong ability in proactive coordination of all relevant statutory and regulatory compliance and approvals with all parties from the initiation stages of the post contract, so that project and cost schedule are not adversely affected.
• Demonstrates strong ability for maintaining KPI’s on timely management of changes/variations, RFIs, document reviews and invoicing receivables, etc., as per contract and Client’s requirements.
• Demonstrates strong ability ensuring that the project construction, methodology, planning, inspection, testing and record documents submitted by Contractors are reviewed and endorsed/rejected in accordance with project Codes, Standards and client specifications.
• Demonstrates strong ability to ensure that all communication, both written and verbal correspondence, is timely, concise and relevant to the fullest satisfaction of relevant key stakeholders.
• Demonstrates strong ability to ensure formal reports submitted to all key stakeholders (including the Client) are concise, conclusive, timely and comply with the contract and Client’s corporate requirements.

• Role resides within Construction Supervision Division
• Reports to Construction Advisory Board for internal matters
• Reports to Construction Manager / Senior Operations Manager / Director of Construction
• Supervision for project matters

Primary points of Contact:
• Project Support: Chainman, Document Controllers, Secretaries (Data Management)
• Inspectors across disciplines (Coordination of work)
• Site Engineers / Architects / Landscape / Interior Design / Quantity Surveyors (updates & coordination)
• Onsite HSE engineers / managers, Construction Office QSE coordinator
• Assistant RE (Instructs & Coordinates) when applicable
• Clients, consultants, municipal authorities, contractors, and other 3rd parties.

Indicative Requirements
• 10+ years of post-graduate onsite experience.
• Associated degree in Engineering or Architecture
• Registered Membership in Origin and Local Country (Location Dependent)

Job Location

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