Job Description

• Supports Program Manager in the execution and delivery of programs by conducting correspondence with schools, assisting with presentations, preparing for training.
• Assists program staff in recruitment of new volunteers
• Participate in and coordinate the development of volunteer training workshops
• Coordinate with volunteers on activities related to volunteers’ proposed projects including; arranging students leave, attending classes with volunteers and photographing the event.
• Locate, visit and perform presentations to new companies and schools to promote the programs,
• Collect necessary documentation from schools and MoE
• Participate in the development of Evaluation procedures and tools, to perform a thorough program evaluation with the students, volunteers, teachers, principals, and parents, and to report it to the Program Manager
• Assists program Manager in maintain database information on all programs and participants
• Assists program staff in increasing public awareness of Junior Achievement programs through preparing materials for presentations, press releases and electronic media. Maintains media database.
• Assist in Developing and implementing all volunteer orientation/training programs
• Secures location of training, develops orientation materials, schedules volunteers/teachers, orders program materials, distributes registration and evaluation forms
• Maintains database information on all programs and participants (class registration forms and reports)
• Assist in Developing a yearly calendar that predicts program needs and includes timetables, procedures, and responsibilities


• Holds a university / diploma degree in Business, Business Administration, Public Relations, Human Resources, or human Sciences
• Desire to develop a career in the education, non-profit, or business sectors
• Have very strong communication and presentation skills
• Familiarity with area schools and businesses.
• Full proficiency in both English and Arabic
• Must have Valid Kuwaiti Driver License and Own Car

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