Job Description

Job Description:

Responsible to the Head of Department for preparation, teaching, assessment and coordination of student learning, as required.

Minimum Requirements:

  • A PhD in Civil Engineering plus 4 years of experience in university teaching, research or serving the professional industry.
  • 5 peer-reviewed international journals with impact factor.
  • Qualities of creativity, initiative and leadership with excellent communication skills.
  • A strong commitment to excellence in teaching, research and professional service.

PhD in Civil Engineering

Working Conditions:

  1. Delivering effective instruction in a wide range of civil engineering courses using contemporary teaching methods.
  2. Developing new courses to meet the changing needs of an increasingly more technological workplace.
  3. Writes and prepares course curriculum, case studies, learning activities for specific audiences including lectures and presentations.
  4. Delivers lectures, lead activities and classroom discussions.
  5. Designs, administers and grade examinations, writes student evaluations.
  6. Coordinates with other program professors to maximize learning transfer and minimize duplication.
  7. Provide students with consultation time on course related matters as appropriate.
  8. Undertake administrative duties in relation to the academic affairs.
  9. Serve on College Committees as appropriate.
  10. Ensure the observance of ACK College policies, procedures and codes of practice in all teaching, research and administrative activities.
  11. Undertake research activities, which lead to publications in international refereed journals, presentations of papers at international and regional conferences and presentations at appropriate seminars.
  12. Undertake professional development on a regular basis.
  13. Participate in graduation ceremonies.
  14. Other duties as directed by Head of Department.

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