Job Description

• Provide service to customers and answer their questions and inquiries via phones. Agent should determine problems in queries.
• Check lines, classify the issues of the customers, give regular feedback on the effectiveness of strategies of the interaction center department
• Simplify the complex information to control the opportunities of business, by making people interested in the services and products offered by the company.
• Update the database with the possible changes and the customers’ status.
• Cope with stressed, angry and confused customers or callers. Agent must know how to deal with tasks like call backs, disconnects, call transfers, messages and holds.
• Know how to communicate on the telephone with people according to the type of behavior that they have.
• Know how to use the corresponding etiquette on the telephone in order to satisfy and please customers.
• Apply the methods of creating a positive rapport with callers or customers over the phone and the proper actions to control the telephone call.
• In addition, the agent must use specific skills related to questioning and listening in order to maintain an effective communication on the phone.


– Good communication skills
– Able to communicate in Arabic and English
– Good computer skills
– Ability to work under pressure

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